Additional Surveillance Video from Regency Towers Employee

This is only backup verification, nothing new, unless you're new to researching the OKC bombing. But, for any more Newbies (or relatively new, like me) researching this case, here’s your source. This transcript can be downloaded here at this link:

Preliminary Hearing - McVeigh April 27, 1995

Additional Video Surveillance Footage – McVeigh Preliminary Hearing 4-27-95

Testimony from FBI agent Jon Hersley, who states there’s video he’s seen from one of the Regency Towers cameras, date and time stamped. This is not the same camera that looks out the front door of the Regency Towers in which we see the Ryder truck come into view, pause and move on.

This camera takes “scans in front of the Tower building and also over towards the parking lot”, across the street from the Murrah Building.

The testimony discusses various witnesses who saw McVeigh, including one who states he saw a yellow Mercury speed off in the vicinity of the parking lot, then goes on to discuss a photo still taken from the video in which is seen a light colored car in that same vicinity.

McVeigh Preliminary Hearing, April 27 1995.

From the transcript:

Q. In your review of the surveillance photos, did you find any surveillance photos of that parking lot across the street from the Murrah Building?

A. Yes.

Q. Okay.

A. You characterized that as my review of the photographs. I was shown those particular photographs by Agent Lamar.

Q. Have you been shown a photograph of that particular parking lot, sir, across the street from the Murrah Building that includes the speeding Mercury in the photograph?

A. We don't know for sure yet. Those photographs are not real clear. They are taken from a pretty good distance away. There appears to be a light-colored car in the very vicinity where this witness testifies -- or provides the information was speeding away from. We are not able to determine yet if that is in fact the yellow Mercury.

Q. The pictures that you saw of that particular parking lot -- now I'm talking about the parking lot across the street from the Murrah Building --

A. Right.

Q. -- in a northerly direction, that parking lot, there is film of that parking lot prior to the time of the explosion?

A. Yes.

Q. Correct?

A. Yes.

Q. Is it time-stamped so that you can tell a particular time of day on the 19th of April that that camera is viewing, scanning that parking lot?

A. Yes.

Q. Can you tell me where that particular camera was located?

A. I believe that particular camera was located on the apartment building there that we have been speaking of.

Q. So those were some more pictures from the Regency?

A. Yes, those are the pictures from the Regency.

Q. So the camera from the Regency -- is this the camera at the very top of the Regency Tower?

A. I don't know the exact location of the camera, but it kind of scans that whole area there, is what has been represented to me. It scans in front of the Tower building and also over towards the parking lot.