Update on the Oklahoma City Bombing and related issues

 as of June 5, 2002

 · FBI agents Rick Ojeda, Dan Vogel, Robert Wright, and others have taken legal counsel, David Schippers, to speak out regarding their knowledge of Middle Eastern suspects/terrorists connected to the OKC Bombing.  David Schippers is the former Chief Legal Counsel for the U.S. House Republican Caucus.

 · A lawsuit has been filed on behalf of FBI agent Robert Wright regarding Middle Eastern terrorists.

 · A lawsuit was filed in Washington D.C. against the nation of Iraq for responsibility in the OKC Bombing.  The suit was filed by Judicial Watch of Washington D.C., and Michael Johnston of Oklahoma City on behalf of survivors, victims, and family members of victims.

 · Congressman Dan Burton (IN), chairman of the Government Reform Committee, is investigating the OKC Bombing with the objective of having Congressional hearings.

 · Major Media outlets continue to cover the OKC Bombing such as U.S. News & World Report, Fox & Friends, ABC News, O’Reilly Factor, and Indianapolis Star.  Other media also continues to cover the topic such as talk radio and current event/political publications.

 · Charles Key continues to do radio, TV, and print media interviews in addition to speaking engagements.