Devvy Kidd
February 8, 2001

The new Attorney General, John Ashcroft, has a reputation as being very religious with an abundance of personal integrity. Having said that, now that he is confirmed, I would ask you to join me in burying his office with a demand that he re-open the Oklahoma City bombing. Why?

    1.  I have written to Tim McVeigh with the request to let me interview him and that he not
let the truthdie with him. McVeigh's execution is set for May 16th. The prison in Terra Haute signed for the certified mail, but I have had no response from McVeigh. The only reason I can think of why he would willingly go to the needle is to protect his mother and sister. For those who have forgotten, the FBI kidnaped his mother and held them in a separate hotel rooms and brow-beat the hell out of both of these poor women. The son and brother will die to protect the mother and sister.

    2. McVeigh will die for something that is scientifically impossible. The real killers are still free. The killers of 168 Americans + one leg are still free. I do not defend McVeigh, but I'll be damned if I'm going to sit around and let this heinous crime go unanswered.

    3. Unlike many armchair conspiracy buffs, I went to OKC and did my own investigation at my own expense, about $450 bucks (I lived in Lakewood, CO at the time). I don't care about the money. I am after the truth and to see those responsible for the crime and the cover-up, spend the rest of their lives either in jail or executed. If you want to know what I found, please read about it at:

There used to be a complete archive of bombing photos at:

It appears that the Daily Oklahoman has removed them. I downloaded two sets of those very telling photos. One I kept and one went to Gen. Ben Partin. They were very revealing and that probably accounts for why they have been removed. Out of sight, out of mind. Just like the rubble from the building. Buried outside of OKC and guarded. Hide, protect, cover-up.

For the past four years I have been making available the video, Cover-Up in Oklahoma. This video was made from film given to me by a man in Oklahoma. This film is the live, raw and unedited truth. No one who sees this film comes away from it unaffected and with the belief that there has been a huge cover-up. I hope you will order the film and share it with everyone you know and then get busy after Ashcroft is confirmed and demand he re-open the investigation.

We the People simply cannot allow the master-minds and perpetrators of this horrible, horrible crime get away with mass murder. Janet Reno, Waco aside, should be indicted by a grand jury for obstruction of justice in the investigation of this bombing. At the very least, she is a co-conspirator to murder. She won't of course, she knows where too many skeletons are buried and the Republicans, when they had the chance to investigate this bombing, as usual, weenied out. If you would like a copy of this video, which contains an interview with survivor Jane Graham, who may be able to ID at least two of the bombers, please send a donation of $15.00 to Devvy Kidd, P.O. Box 60543, Sacramento, CA 95860

Consider this:

The bombing was April 19, 1995. The headlines on the front page of the NY Times, April 20, 1995 reads:

At Least 31 Are Dead, Scores Are Missing After Car Bomb Attack in OKC Wrecks 9- Story Federal Office Building

    "A car bomb went off with a thunderous explosion...."

Pg B9:

    "It's obviously a car bomb," Dr. Persson said."

    "Mayor Ron Norick said a car bomb had gone off ..."

Norick is seen like on the video stating emphatically that the ATF had confirmed it was a car bomb. Remember: These people, Norick and Frank Keating (Gov of OK) were standing right there in front of this blown building. They couldn't tell the difference between a car and a huge yellow beacon (a Ryder truck)? Bullfeathers.

    "The destruction was almost concave in nature, shattering the building from the center..."

    "The explosion, just after 9 A.M. came two hours after the first child was dropped off in the center, which was on the second floor, just above where the police say the car bomb exploded."

    "It was not until about 2:00 P.M. Eastern time, that the Mayor of Oklahoma City, Ron Norick, told reporters that the blast had indeed been caused by a car bomb." That's 4 hours after the bombing, Oklahoma time. No one noticed the difference between a car and a truck blown up?

On the video you will see company man, Governor Frank Keating, former big-shot with the FBI, state emphatically that they had found more bombs inside the building and were in the process of removing them. This was only a couple hours after the first bombs went off inside the building. Was Frank lying to everyone? No, he was not. This film is raw, live and unedited. The fix came later.

The Denver Post, April 20, 1995, headlines:

Terror Hits Heartland

    "A car bomb exploding at curb-side..."

Do you all remember the famous 30' x 8' deep crater in front of the building caused by the truck bomb? That's BS. There is an excellent photo in The Denver Post, April 20, 1995 where you can see perfectly clear the fire truck shooting water into the building. Guess where the fire truck is sitting? Right on perfectly flat pavement where the crater is supposed to be. Believe what your eyes can see, not the lies spewed by the government. On the video the helicopter shots also confirm there is no crater in front of the building. It was most likely made later when the back hoes came in and opened up the street to check natural gas lines. What a sickening lie.

April 21, 1995, two days later from The Denver Post:

    "The car bomb that leveled much of a...." There is also another overhead photo: no crater.

    "Mayor Ron Norick said the blast, which left a crater 30 feet long and 8 feet deep, was caused by a car bomb." There is also another overhead photo in this piece: no crater. There is a crater where what was dubbed "the pit". I saw this "pit" when I stood in front of that building May 18 & 19, 1995, one week before they imploded the building and then buried the evidence. The pit was in the area where Ben Partin says the charges were placed on the support columns of the building.

If you would like to see Gen. Partin's 1.5 hour presentation on the bombing and TWA Flight 800, it is contained on the Wallace Institute video:

Denver Post, April 23, 1995 - five days after the bombing:

    "In that one searing moment just after 9 a.m. when the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building was destroyed by a car bomb...."

When did the car bomb with 1200 pounds of ammonia nitrate turn into a 23' yellow Ryder truck with 4,000 pounds of explosives?

Yet, on April 22, 1995, The Denver Post, front page:

Two Sought in Blast

    "Other law-enforcement sources said that the truck was rented." Now we have a Ryder truck and a perfect composite of Tim McVeigh and John Doe #2. The feds maintain they discovered it was a Ryder truck by the ID numbers on the wreckage of the suddenly discovered Ryder truck - what bilge.

    "What they found was a Vehicle Identification Number on part of the frame of the Ryder rental van that was blown to bits by the bomb it carried, according to ATF spokesman Les Stanford."

It is my understanding from those who would know, that Ryder did not put VIN's on the frames of their trucks and please notice that we now have a van that was blown to bits by this alleged bomb instead of a truck or car!

NY Times, April 21, 1995:

F.B.I. Seeks 2 Suspects in Oklahoma Blast

    "Federal Agents raced to a truck rental agency in Kansas in pursuit of suspected bombers, but the trail quickly grew faint." Yet, the government's whole case was based on this exact rental location and the alleged truck which carried a bomb that could not have done the damage which the Murrah building sustained.

Same date:

Anti-Terrorism Bill: Blast Turns a Snail Into a Racer

Washington, April 20 by Neil A. Lewis (Notice this appears in the April 21st edition but was written on the 20th):

    "On Tuesday, the Omnibus Counter-Terrorism Act of 1995 was a proposal on a slow track in Congress and the subject of a lively debate as to whether it would violate fundamental civil liberties, including the right to confront one's accuser. Now, after the Oklahoma City bombing, there are few surer legislative bets in Washington. Democrats and Republicans issued a blizzard of news releases today calling for the bill's quick passage."

This piece of garbage bill did become law. It wipes out the 4th & 5th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution and puts every single American in this country at risk. It was absolutely sickening to watch what went on with this Nazi legislation after that bombing.

It memory serves me correctly, the two U.S. Congressman who spear-headed passage of this legislation was CFR Henry Hyde and Bob Barr.

April 23, 1995, the patsy, McVeigh is now in custody. Comment in that edition of The Denver Post:

    "He said he had this real sharp pain in his rear." Philip Morawski recalled yesterday. "He thought they (the Army) had planted one of those chips that they have for identifying cattle, sheep or goats so the all-seeing eye of the government could keep an eye on him and know where he was."

By this time, all efforts to pursue the brown truck with the middle-Eastern looking men was buried under cat calls of "racism." The real killers got away and the fix was in to make this appear an act of revenge for Waco. Blame it on the right-wing, white supremacist wackos. The public could and did swallow that with ease.

Time Magazine, May 1, 1995, this is a direct quote:

    "Candy Avey, 48, had just parked her car at a meter outside the building and was heading for the Social Security office. "I was blown back, wrapped around the meter, and my face hit the car," she says."

If the truck bomb was in the street behind Ms. Avey, how come she was blown backward towards the street as she tried to enter the building? In the photo mentioned earlier in The Denver Post, you can clearly see a small car between the fire truck and the curb. If you saw the television special that I watched on the experiments with blowing up a big van with 4,000 pounds of ammonia nitrate, you would have seen that such an explosion does not blow the vehicle to smithereens. New lies to cover old lies.

Allegedly McVeigh and one other person used fake ID to rent the truck. The media accounts reveal some interesting things about this. An amazing report in the NY Times, April 22, 1995, page 8, column 1, check this:

    "Then a routine check of his [McVeigh's] social security number matched one flagged by the FBI as belonging to a suspect in the bombing."

Now wait a minute! Why did the FBI have McVeigh's social security number "flagged," which conveniently and perfectly matched one belonging to a suspect in the bombing when they had no suspects in the bombing at this point? Think about this. McVeigh is arrested the morning of the 19th , Wednesday. On Friday morning right before he's to be released from custody in Perry, his social security number suddenly matches a social security number the FBI has "flagged" as belonging to one of the unidentified suspects days before they had any real suspects? I have verified this story and the reporter stands by his source in the FBI.

This whole thing stinks of a set-up and McVeigh's attorney, Stephen Jones, in my humble opinion, put on a farce for a defense. Judge Richard Matsch, who refused 90% of the real evidence to be brought into court and before the jury, should have his butt thrown off the federal bench. I lived in the Denver area during this joke they called a trial. It was 1% evidence, 99% emotion. I believe McVeigh was in OKC that morning. What he was doing there, only he can tell and apparently he chooses to die without telling the whole story. He will die for something that scientifically is impossible. I believe he is willing to sacrifice himself to protect his mother and sister.

Anyone can go to their public library that has old issues of major newspapers on micro film and do what I did: go back to April 20, 1995 through about the 23rd and watch the story has it turns from the truth to a well-crafted lie. The pictures don't lie and the video carries the truth as it unfolds.

My beautiful daughter is still alive. So are my sisters, brothers and parents. How would you feel if it were your child's body parts embedded in a piece of concrete from a bomb? Or, your husband's body blown into 17 different pieces? While I was in Perry, OK on May 20, 1995 following the trail of where McVeigh was arrested, I was listening to the oldies station, KOMA. A man called in and asked them to play the song, Angel Baby. You see, his niece had been blown to bits the month before in the bombing. I will never forget hearing that on the radio. Hearing the pain and unshed tears from this man who lost his loved one is something you don't forget. Can we sit back and do nothing? Whose building and loved one is next for political expediency?

Can we simply turn away because it's easier than demanding the truth or because we really don't want to know who ordered this bombing? Read my investigation into this sickening act. Order the video and get it to everyone you know. Then, please join with me in demanding that Ashcroft re-open that investigation.

The truth will die with McVeigh and we cannot allow that to happen.

If Ashcroft is the man everyone says he is, he will do the bidding of the people. After all, he will be our servant, not the other way around.