Recently I heard a very lengthy radio interview with Tonia Yeakey, widow of Terrance Yeakey. Who is Terrance Yeakey you ask? The following article is reprinted with permission. I will tell you that there is no question in Tonia Yeakey's mind that her husband was tortured and then murdered and it's being covered-up. Of course, Tonia must be a member of the vast-right wing conspiracy. The minuscule amount of media coverage of her husband's death claims the "suicide" was due to his break-up with Tonia. That, of course, wraps things up nice and tight. Tonia, who would be in a better position to know the state of affairs between her and her husband than some media mouthpiece, says this is a lie.

Has Tonia been given the opportunity to refute these media lies on the programs of those who utter such falsehoods? Right. Tonia has been given a mike only on independent radio programs. Is it because Tonia Yeakey is some raving maniac on the air and might be embarassing on a "mainstream" media outlet? Hardly. She is a soft-spoken, very articulate woman who wants to know who murdered her husband.

America has become a nation of dumb sheep when they can deliberately ignore what's right in front of their face and just go on as if they don't have a care in the world except how much fun they can have this weekend. Or, they send me e-mails like the one I received the other day from a man who said he found my web site hillarious. Brian said it was so funny and the next time he needed a good laugh, he would go back and read this web site. Yes, sir! All these dead fathers, brothers, sons, daughters, husbands, sisters, aunties - it's just a big joke to those in a state of denial. Just keep those free benefits coming their way, keep abortion legal, promote sodomy, tax the fools to death to enrich the bankers, free health care, free family leave, free, free, free! Continue throwing America's job base off USA soil. Hey! It's our government at work for us. Rah, rah, rah! Be happy!

In the meantime, America continues to slide down the slope of moral bankruptcy and into a one- world totalitarian government. The only way we will ever know the truth about OKC and TWA is through the civil lawsuits for wrongful death which have been filed against the government.

The Terrance Yeakey Story
by Michael A. O'Camb
August 1998

Delta - it was a hazy spring morning, with the sun beginning to burn through an overcast sky, as Terrance Yeakey out of his patrol car on a routine traffic stop in the downtown area shortly before 9:00 am. It had rained the night before, and rain was again in the forecast for later in the day, but the time being, the weather was pleasant.

In most respects, Officer Yeakey's morning shift up until now had been relatively uneventful. Unbeknownst to him at the time, however, was the fact that some very unusual activity by federal agents was currently taking place nearby.

A few minutes later, a woman and her passengers stopped at the intersection of 5th and Broadway just blocks from Officer Yeakey's traffic stop. Off to her left, she saw a helicopter circling above the courthouse, and also the federal building a block and a half away. After turning left onto 5th St., and starting to head west, she continued to watch the helicopter circle. The time was 9:02 a.m.

Suddenly her attention was drawn to a tremendously bright spherical-shaped light, near the street, in front of the federal building. It gave off a strange momentary electrical impulse: A humming or crackling sound [similar to a transformer or high-voltage electrical lines.] Then the light seemed to explode. She next heard popping sounds, and saw flashes coming from inside the building, as window panels began blowing outward from some of the floors. It now felt as if her eardrums were being sucked out of her head.

Then she saw it. A gigantic blue-flash came out of the center of the building and leaped skyward through the roof, immediately followed by a tremendous explosion. Shocked, she saw the roof of the nearby Journal Records building raise up in the air and come back down, with a portion of it crashing to the ground in the parking lot. Pulling to the curb she saw the federal building a block or so in front of her, where the explosions came from, being blown apart and starting to crumble, and people dying. Next, what appeared to be a missile, shot out of the building. She watched the trajectory as it went some distance up in the air, then came back down, hitting she thought somewhere over near the river.

[Ed. Note: Rep. Charles Key has been the individual down in Oklahoma responsible for the current grand jury sitting in session on the investigation of the bombing. Charles has lost his business and suffered great personal hardships trying to get to the truth. He put out a video on the bombing shortly after this sickening act of terrorism. One thing you see on his film is part of the arsenal of weapons being removed that were kept on the ninth floor occupied by the ATF. One thing uncovered during this grand jury and subsequent investigations is that the ATF not only kept C-4 plastic explosives on the ninth floor but also a TOW missile - seven floors above a day care full of children and infants.

Charles Key, a five-term Republican in the Oklahoma State Legislature was defeated in the primary in Oklahoma City in September 1998 by a former IRS agent who continually called Key a conspiracy nut throughout the campaign. Who would vote for an IRS agent for any public office?]

Nearby, Officer Yeakey [still at his traffic stop] saw, heard and felt some of the same things that the woman, her passengers, and others in the area had. Quickly he headed to the scene. Incredibly, a number of people (in different places) had just witnessed the explosion of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City, the morning of April 19, 1995.

Within two minutes Oklahoma City police officer Terrance Yeakey was at the Murrah Building. By all accounts he was among the first uniformed OCPD units to arrive. As he'd gotten closer he saw massive damage: blown out windows, demolished and burning vehicles, collapsed buildings and injury and death were seemingly everywhere along both sides of the 200 block of NW 5th St. Disregarding their own safety from falling debris, Yeakey, fellow officer Gordon Martin, Dr. Donald Chumley and several others, began getting the Murrah Building's badly injured to safety.

Altogether Terry Yeakey, a powerfully built black officer standing nearly 6'3" and weighing 275 pounds, got several victims out of the building. While carrying out the last one (Randy Ledger), a very large man weighing some 300 pounds, he slipped and fell, wrenching his back. After Mr. Ledger was safely in the ambulance, he accompanied him to Presbyterian Hospital.

Immediately, it became obvious to Officer Yeakey that a number of things about the "bombing" just didn't add up. If this was a terrorist bombing, then why were police line already up behind the building when he first arrived, within two minutes after the fact? And where had all of the ATF & FBI agents come in so quickly outside the building (most relatively unharmed) when he'd first gotten there as well? And most importantly if this was the result of a bad sting, then why hadn't the building been evacuated beforehand?

Many very troubling questions about this "bombing," at least in Terry Yeakey's mind, needed answers. While they wanted to admit him to the hospital, he'd have nothing to do with it. Soon he called, Tonia, his wife to come and pick him up. After she arrived, he worriedly told her when they got in the car, "It's not what they're saying it is, Tonia. It's not what they're saying it is. It's all a lie. It's all a lie." From that time on, according to Tonia Yeakey, his entire demeanor changed greatly. In little over a years' time, Yeakey was dead. The official cause was listed as "suicide."

Later, People Magazine, would write that much of the blame for Officer Yeakey's suicide could be laid at the doorstep of Tonia, his wife. But, a number of those who knew him best [including Tonia] knew this was not the case. All the forensic evidence - including the Medical Examiner's Report - pointed to the fact that Terry Yeakey had been the victim of a homicide.

Officer Teakey Was Murdered

If his death had been a suicide, none of the forensic evidence supported such a conclusion. On the other hand, what the forensic evidence clearly showed was this: He'd been handcuffed, hog-tied, dragged and brutally beaten. His wrists, arms and throat were slashed, and then he'd been shot in the head - execution style. Blood, which was not his, was also found on his shirt. The question must now be asked: Why was he brutally murdered? The answer is: To make an example out of him. Because Terry Yeakey refused to change certain facts in his original nine-page written report on the bombing, and he kept demanding answers to too many questions.

Few American's outside of Oklahoma City have any idea of the wide-spread harassment, intimidation, threats and violence that has been directed against many individuals there since the bombing. After Officer Yeakey's murder, a very chilling term began to be heard around town: "You'd better watch it or they'll do a Yeakey on you."

Shortly after his death, Tonia, his wife, became a victim of harassment and intimidation as well. She, too, was asking questions many officials around Oklahoma City didn't want to deal with. At one point, during a year's time, Tonia Yeakey and her two small daughters moved four times. On one occasion, she'd come home and the front door was off its hinges and a get-well card had been neatly attached to the closet door in her bedroom. Private conversations in her home were secretly recorded and would appear on her telephone answering machine. Her car was also tampered with.

[Ed. Note: Tonia is a black woman, a mom and a widow left with nothing. Where's all the hypocrites and race racketeers like the "Reverend" Jessie Jackson and Queen of the Socialist Party in Congress: Maxine Waters? Where are they when people of their own race, who they profess to care so much about - where are their voices? I'll tell you where they are: they are wherever they can be bought and paid for like expensive hookers.]

The official record shows Terry Yeakey was "fired" from the Oklahoma City Police Department the day before his suicide. Make no mistake about it, he died in the line of duty. A "line of duty" which began when he got out of his patrol car at the Murrah Federal Building just minutes after the bombing, and began to selflessly help others.

You see, the reason he refused admission to Presbyterian hospital later that morning is because he and a number of others at the bomb site had already been threatened with death by federal agents to "keep their mouth shut" about everything they'd seen and heard there that morning. In Terry Yeakey's case, that threat was carried to fruition on May 8, 1996.

A few month before his own murder and after the death of his friend, Dr. Don Chumley, in an airplane "accident" that he himself had helped investigate, Terrance Yeakey had a strong feeling that his days might now be numbered. All this was being done to keep key people in Oklahoma City from talking and to send a clear message to others who might consider it; and to ultimately bury the truth along with all of the victims." End of article.

Dr. Don Chumley made death #8 of individuals involved in rescue or investigation of this bombing. More suicides, more plane accidents. How many Americans really care about any of these people? The majority of them will chalk it up to "the vast-right wing conspiracy" and the party hacks who still believe in the tooth fairy, will ask for "congressional hearings." Good idea and be sure to ask the inept Trojan Horse, Kenneth Starr to oversee another white wash.

I have known all of the details of Terrance Yeakey's death since it happened. As I said earlier, I heard Tonia Yeakey on a very lengthy radio interview go through the autopsy report, all the injuries, his throat being slashed, etc. There was so much blood in the car and the wounds were classic execution style. One has to wonder how stupid anyone would have to be to believe that Terry could have injured himself to such a degree committing a suicide. He would have been long dead before he could have done all this damage to his body. Terry Yeakey had written down a bunch of details about what he saw in the building that morning. Dr. Chumley apparently was getting ready to talk about what he saw in the building, but of course that never happened because he had another one of these convenient plane crashes that gets rid of witnesses.

How many people in this country have taken the time to even find out what this grand jury in Oklahoma City has found out since they have been in session? How many Americans have any idea what testimony has been given and by whom? To this day I don't know Tim McVeigh's real involvement in this bombing. I know he was in OKC that morning but at whose behest and why is still a mystery since he won't talk. One thing I do know and if I had a million dollars I would put it up for a public bet: McVeigh was convicted and sentenced to die for using a weapon of mass destruction - a yellow Ryder truck with an ammonia nitrate fertilizer bomb. There is NO question that this was NOT the cause of the bombing of the Murrah Building. McVeigh was convicted and sentenced to die for something that is scientifically and physically impossible, period.

Can't happen here in the United States? Land sakes - what do people think the Cosa Nostra was doing during it's heyday in this country? Going to church? Back then the mafia did it a little more openly, i.e. the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. Today, it's not the Costa Nostra, they are too busy running the unions in this country. No, today it's the henchmen for the shadow government Bill Clinton alluded to when he was in Ireland in August 1998. Today these henchmen and paid murderers like the FBI's sharpshooter, Lon Horiuchi, hide behind federal badges and a throughly corrupt Department of Justice. Well, America can't worry about that, after all, some new movie probably opens today at the theater and it's much more important to be entertained than learn the truth about what's bringing our nation to ruin and a police force equal to Hitler's SS.

Devvy Kidd
September 29, 1998